Posted by: jloren | July 28, 2008

Hello from Tata Nacho!

The Tata Nacho baffled and entertained us in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  We didn’t know what it was. Mitch wondered if it was a cheesy, crunchy, breast shaped snack!  I wondered  if it was too strange of a name to use for a press. After hearing about the need for more venues for writers, we decided to start a venue, start small, but grow.  We would like to publish an anthology of Tata Nacho and want to create a yearly rag, or a non specific interval.

Tata Nacho is now at www.


I grew up in East Los Angeles and now reside in Winters, California with chickens, dogs, kids and a garden.  A veteran of two marriages, I have lived with a magician, fire-eater, midget, and have castrated sheep with my teeth.

My poetry can be found at Exquisite Corpse, Yawp, New Virginia Review and other publications. I co-edited two anthologies, “Mourning Sickness” a collection about miscarriage and infant death, and “Bombshells: War Stories and Poems by Women on the Homefront,” a collection of homefront tales spanning WWII to the present. I am a graduate of UC Irvine, and MFA graduate of UNO.


Jesse Loren

(Picture taken by Amanda Boyden… Jim Grimsley over left shoulder)


Jesse Loren